Paraben Content in Adjacent Normal-malignant Breast Tissues from Women with Breast Cancer


Background: Accumulation of estrogenic compounds and other carcinogens in normal breast tissues contributes to unpredictable breast cancer incidence during adolescence and throughout life. To assess the role of parabens in this phenomenon, the paraben content of adjacent normal-malignant breast tissues is measured i


The Effect of Nursing Consultation on Knowledge and Practice of Patients with Celiac for Adherence to Gluten-Free Diet


Background: Non-compliance to gluten-free diet (GFD), due to less of knowledge and inappropriate nutritional behaviors, is associated with an increase in disease progression and long-term complications in patients with celiac. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of nursing consultation on knowledge and prac


comparison two method hydro colon therapy and PEG in colon preparation before colonoscopy


PI: masoud hasanvand, Medical student
Colleagues: Saeid Kheyri. MD, Mohammad Hassan Emami. MD, Rahmatolah Rafii. MD, Hojatollah Rahimi. MD, Alireza Fahim. MD


Frequency comparison and Evaluation of phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of Adherent Invasive Escherichia coli isolated from patients with colorectal cancer in Isfahan


PI: Razye Kamali. Ph.D
Colleagues: Hosein Fazeli. Ph.D, Mohamad Hassan Emami. MD, Vajihe Karbasi zadeh. Ph.D, Fateme Maghool Ph.D

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